The nearest International Airport is located in Faro. Ensure flights are re-confirmed two days prior to departure as times and details may change. You can check on arrival and departure times by calling Faro International Airport Tel. 289 800800

A baby-sitting service operates every night of the week, subject to availability. Please ensure bookings are made at Resort Reception at least one day in advance.

An ATM / cash point, accepting Visa, MasterCard or any International debit card showing the Cirrus emblem, is located outside the Resort Reception. The local banks operate from Monday - Friday: 08h30 - 15h00, except on Bank Holidays. A money exchange facility is available at Resort Reception. A list and map of banks in the immediate area is available from Resort Reception.

Open daily from 10h00 for general play or "Have a Go" sessions. Both experienced and novice bowlers are welcome. Tuition and wood hire are available and shoes can be borrowed. The clubhouse has excellent facilities and serves drinks and snacks all day.

Regular competitions are held as follows:
Mondays 11h00 Open Competitions
Fridays 11h00 Club Days
Saturdays 17h00 Family Fun Bowling and Barbecue (during the Summer months)
For details and bookings contact the Bowls Clubhouse.

The closest car wash is the jet-wash system at the Total garage just before the first roundabout going into Lagos. There is also a regular car wash located at the Galp petrol station, on the main dual carriageway running along the seafront in Lagos.

The "Farmacia"s operate from Monday-Friday : 09h00 - 13h00 & 15h00 - 19h00. There is always a chemist on duty 24 hours a day. Our nearest ones are in Vila do Bispo and Luz. Most medications can be purchased without a prescription. Resort Reception can provide assistance and a map of the chemist in the immediate area.

The closest cinemas are located in Praia da Luz and Lagos. Films are shown in their original language with Portuguese subtitles. A list and map of the cinemas can be obtained from Resort Reception

Located close to the Police Station in the centre of Lagos, the Cultural Centre hosts ongoing exhibitions of art as well as musical and theatrical presentations. There is a calendar of events posted at the Centre.

Dental facilities are available at Medilagos, a private clinic open 24 hours a day in Lagos. The dental surgery of Dr. Dootz and Dra. Hodson are also available for emergency treatment. Resort Reception will assist with appointment bookings.
Medilagos Tel. 282 760181 Dr. Dootz Tel. 282 763496 Dra. Hodson Tel. 282 697823

The closest private clinics are Luzdoc in Praia da Luz and Medilagos in Lagos. Both clinics have a multilingual experienced team and offer 24 hour emergency treatment.
Luzdoc Tel. 282 789866 24 hour emergency cover Tel. 282 789811
Medilagos Tel. 282 760181 open 24 hours a day.
Dr. Otto Johannsen Tel. 282 789416

A Resort Nurse is on duty at Spa Floresta for any minor ailments. Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 09h30 - 10h30 & Monday - Friday: 09h30 - 10h30 during the summer months.

Portuguese laws with regards to drink driving are very strict and the penalties are severe. A policy of "No Tolerance" is often implemented, especially during the summer months. To avoid problems, a taxi is recommended.

The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory for all passengers.

Police regularly carry out spot checks. The driver must carry a driving licence, the car papers and a passport. If caught doing something wrong, the driver may be fined on the spot.

A trip switch will automatically shut down an overloaded system. Disconnect some power points and reset the fuse box switch, normally located near the front door of the house. A general power cut may also be the problem.

Resort Reception will arrange assistance should any be required, but if Maintenance sends out a man there is a minimum charge for ½ hour of labour.

POLICE - GNR -Tel. 282 639112
SECURITY 96 6928172

Resort Reception offers a fax service for both the transmission and receiving of faxes.

Located just beyond the 14th Green, "Parque Viveiro" is Parque da Floresta's own working plant nursery and garden centre. Open to the public from Monday - Friday 10h00 - 17h00, it offers an assortment of annuals, climbers, shrubs, trees, ground cover and terrace pots. Small Bougainvillea, which are transportable, are also for sale.

Floresta Parque Golf Club Competitions are held every Wednesday and Sunday. In order to avoid disappointment, advanced booking of Tee times is recommended. For details and bookings contact Golf Reception.

Tee times reserved for owners are 9:00, 9:10, 9:20, 1:00, 1:10 and 1:20. These tee times are reserved up to 36 hours before releasing them to the general public.  Guests receive a 40% discount on green fees

Medilagos, a private clinic situated in Lagos, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergencies or any medical attention. A district hospital is located behind the Stª Maria Church close to the slave market in Lagos. For assistance contact Guest Relations or Resort Reception.

Mail may be handed to either Golf or Resort Reception for posting.
The post offices in Lagos, Praia da Luz, Vila do Bispo and Sagres are open Monday - Friday 09h00 - 12h30 & 14h00 - 18h00. Incoming mail can be collected from Resort Reception.

The maintenance team will attend to any problems with electricity, gas, water, appliances, etc. Contact resort Reception should this service be required. In an Emergency, you can contact Henrique Lavrador directly at 282 690082 during normal working hours, and on his mobile 96m5525009. There is a minimum 1/2 hour labour charge 16,000esc and higher rates after hours may apply.

Local Markets, selling clothing, shoes, utensils, and many other items are popular among shoppers. Guest Relations or Resort Reception can supply a list and map of the markets in the immediate area.

Newspapers in English, Portuguese and German are available for reading in the Spike Bar and can be purchased from most large grocery stores.

 SAGRES Approximately 15km from Parque da Floresta, are two petrol stations on the way into the town.

LAGOS Between 16 - 20km from Parque da Floresta are several petrol stations.
The closest is the Total garage just before the first roundabout going into Lagos. Open from 07h00 - 00h00.
A 24 hour BP garage is on the perimeter road heading towards Portimão.

BUDENS Adjacent to the Ecomarche, Open 24h

Regular bus and train services operate along the Algarve. Resort Reception can provide timetables and offer any assistance required.

Within the resort there are several refuse deposit points including one midway between Golf Reception and the Main Reception near to the 10th fairway. Please leave all rubbish at one of these points, as there is no refuse collection service on the Resort.

Located close to the resort's main entrance, the staff at Resort Reception are pleased to be of service 24 hours per day. If you require any information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact them.


O Parque                    Parque da Floresta            282 695333 (International)
O Tiágo                        Budens                                 282 695081 (Portuguese)
Florestal Barao        Sao Joao                           282 687204 (International)
Italia                         Lagos                                         282 760030 (Italian)
Dom Sebastiao           Lagos                                   282 762795 (Portuguese)
No Patio                     Lagos                                282 763777 (International)
Mediterraneo             Lagos                              282 768476 (Mediterranean)
O Cacto                     Odiaxere                           282 798285 (International)
O Celeiro                    Almadena                            282 697 144 (Portuguese)
Atlantico Beach Bar    Salema                                 282 695142 (Portuguese)
Vieira Restaurant        Salema                                                    (Portuguese)
Zavial Beach Bar         Zavial, Raposeira                  282 639282 (Portuguese)
Vila Velha                   Sagres                              282 624788 (International)
Sitio do Rio                 Carrapateira                            282 97119 (Portuguese)
Casa do Pintor             Lagos (behind fire station)           (Italian/International)
Mar a Gil                    Raposeira                             282 639274 (Portuguese)
Fontenario                  Espiche                                 282 789953 (Portuguese)
Linda Bar                    Meia Praia Beach Bar
Do Cais Marina,           Lagos                                   282 792037 International
Chrissy's                     Lagoa                             282 341062 (French/Belgian)
Buzio                            Salema                                                (Portuguese)
Boia Bar                       Salema (by beach)                                (Portuguese)

Although the resort has a night security guard and closed circuit television protecting the car park, it is advisable that you lock your car and property. Cash and valuables should not be left unattended.
Please report any suspicious activity to a member of staff.

A floor safe is probably the best option, but if your home is not equipped with one, there are safe boxes available at Resort Reception.

The resort operates its own effluent waste treatment plan. It is an extremely sensitive system, please only dispose of organic and degradable matter down the WC. Metal, disposable nappies, sanitary products, etc. will damage the mechanism.

The Spa is open daily from 8:30 -20:00. For further information contact Spa Floresta, the Spa Gymnasium or The Bistro.

EcoMarché, a large supermarket located in the neighbouring village of Budens (Open Sundays) and also sells Petrol 24 hours a day.

Batista supermarket opposite the Commercial Centre in Praia da Luz, carries a good range of products, including International wares and will deliver. Closed Sundays after 1pm

Intermarche, Modelo and the Pingo Doce, are large supermarkets located on the perimeter road of Lagos.

He Lidl store has a limited selection, but what it carries is usually of good quality and reasonable price. From PdF, turn left at first round about , and right at the first street after the roundabout with the chairs.

The swimming pool complex comprises a main heated pool, a children's pool & play area, and The Bistro adjoining Spa Floresta. The complex is open daily from 08h00 - 19h30 to Village House Owners. Guests please bring Parque Cards or purchase a day pass at the gate.

To order a taxi contact Resort Reception or contact Dario in Budens at 91 7210311.

A metered telephone booth is located in Golf Reception and public telephone booths using telephone cards are situated just outside. Phone cards can be purchased from Resort & Golf Reception and the Spike Bar. To hire a mobile phone during your stay contact Resort Reception or acquire one at Faro Airport.

Calls are made by dialling 00 + country code + area code (without the prefixed 0) + number.

¨ Belgium 32¨ France 33¨ Germany 49¨ Holland 31 ¨ Italy 39 ¨ Ireland 353¨ Spain 34 ¨ Sweden 46 ¨ Switzerland 41 ¨ U.K. 44¨ U.S.A. 1


All levels of players are welcome to book a court, improve their game with lessons by LTA professional coach Grant Woodgate or enter in any of the organised matches and competitions. Tennis rackets are available for hire.

Regular competitions are held as follows:
Sundays 10h00 - 12h00 club sessions
Tuesdays 18h00 - 20h00 club evenings

Bookings are taken in Resort Reception or direct with Grant Tel. 96 539 6127

In Portugal tipping is left to your discretion. As a guideline, 10% of the bill is suggested.

The resort operates a water treatment plant in accordance with the European Standards. Although the water is potable, please note that it has a high calcium content.

In the interest of water conservation it is particularly important during the summer months to make every effort in reducing unnecessary wastage of water.